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We are living in an age of transformation. Our species has built technology & tools enabling it to reign over the natural kingdom, but in the process we have exhausted the natural resources of the planet, and altered it's ecology to the point of entering the 6th mass extinction event.

Earth has lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years [1]

If we do not radically change the way that we live over the next few decades we will lose most natural species, including ourselves.

We are here to prototype a better way. We believe that humans are kind by design [2], and are committed to promoting biodiversity, restoration of water cycles, regeneration of the soils, and regeneration of souls.

We believe that our creativity is our greatest asset, and that we can channel our collective inteligence towards planetary regeneration. We believe in using technology for good, and in replacing ownership with stewardship.

We are here to re:imagine how we live together, to put into practice years of research in creating abundant food systems that work with nature, to retain water in our soils and avoid erosion and droughts, to create human living systems that leave a positive trace on its environment (view our impact map).

This is not idealism or optimism. We are realists, and it is time that our modern societies wake up to the call. A new Earth is waiting. On this new planet, we are the stewards of our spaceship. In this new world, we thrive by promoting biodiversity and being in the service of the greater ecosystem that we are a part of. We must re:learn to be part of Nature, and to respect its delicate cycles.

Traditional Dream Factory (aka TDF ) is our first prototype in developing a new form in living that's more in tune with nature and with our human creativity. We are creating a DAO governed regenerative village, sitting on lands conserved under the Oasa network.

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Join the dreamers & the makers of tomorrow. We are engineers, artists, permaculturists, scientists, innovators, nomads. Come build with us, play with us, grow with us.

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  1. Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

  2. Human kind - a hopeful history, Rutger Bregman.